Cowlitz County Daily Data Summary

COVID-19 cases are currently identified using a specimen obtained using a nasopharyngeal or nasal swab, and analyzed using a PCR or Point of Care test. These methods look for the presence of actual virus in the nasal/nasopharyngeal cavity, not the presence of antibodies in the blood. Cowlitz County HHS does not receive results from antibody tests for Cowlitz residents. 

If you have troubles viewing the summary or want to see previous daily data, PDF versions of daily summaries may be accessed on the COVID-19 Daily Data History page. 

What is included in the count of Cases Recovered?  Every Friday we update the number of Cowlitz County residents who were lab confirmed cases and now meet the definition of recovered.  For Washington COVID-19 reporting, a patient is considered “recovered” if, 28 days after symptoms began or a  specimen was collected, they are alive and not hospitalized. 

*The number of negative tests reports the total number of negative molecular tests instead of the total individuals who were tested negative. Multiple test results from the same day are counted only once and repeat tests on an individual are excluded after the first positive result.   This change was made by the WA State Dept. of Health to be more in line with other states' methodologies as well as the CDC.  These changes went into effect August 25, 2020.

Cowlitz County COVID-19 Case Update

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Updated Daily after 9:00 am

Change since last updateCumulative Totals
Current Hospitalizations

 (In Cowlitz County)0
Total Active Cases

(Outside of Cowlitz County)3
Cases Recovered


Total COVID-19 related Deaths

Total Test Results17981
Total non-COVID-19 related Deaths


Last updated by Washington State DOH9/28/20
Total Cumulative Cases


Cowlitz County COVID-19 Case Demographics
    Data as of 
Updated Weekly on Friday after 9:00 am

September 25, 2020
Lab-Confirmed Cases by Age GroupActive CasesRecovered CasesCOVID-19 DeathsNon-COVID-19 Deaths
Age GroupCount% of Total CasesCount% of Total ActiveCount% of Total RecoveredCount% of COVID-19 DeathsCount% of Non-COVID-19 Deaths
9 and Younger365%75%296%00%00%
10-19 Years7011%1310%5711%00%00%
20-29 Years14922%3224%11722%00%00%
30-39 Years11918%2418%9518%00%00%
40-49 Years10516%1513%9017%00%00%
50-59 Years9014%1310%7514%114%1100%
60-69 Years599%1612%418%229%00%
70-79 Years203%22%173%114%00%
80 and Older162%86%51%343%00%

Lab-Confirmed Cases by GenderActive CaseRecovered CasesCOVID-19 DeathsNon COVID-19 Deaths

Lab-Confirmed Cases by Home Zip CodeNotes Related to Zip Code Data
Zip CodeCasesRate Per 100,000Zip code data only represents confirmed cases and the zip codes in which they live. It does not account for undiagnosed cases or areas where the confirmed cases were exposed to the virus. The rate per 100,000 people is a standard metric and does not indicate the number of positive cases in that zip code. Rates per 100,000 can be used to determine a rate for anything.     Example: I live in a city with a population of 5000 people and there are 200 bicycles in my town.  How many bicycles are in my town per 100,000 people?     (200/5000)*100,000 = 4000 per 100,000 people.

 In an effort to balance protecting public health with protecting patients' confidentiality, information for zip codes with less than 10 cases are suppressed in accordance with the Washington State Department of Health Agency Standards for Reporting Data with Small Numbers (
98581Less Than 10 CasesLess Than 10 Cases
98601Less Than 10 CasesLess Than 10 Cases
98603Less Than 10 CasesLess Than 10 Cases
98645Less Than 10 CasesLess Than 10 Cases
98649Less Than 10 CasesLess Than 10 Cases