Single Family Dwelling


Purpose: The purpose of plan review is to assure that your plans are complete and comply with the required state and local standards. A plan review should provide you with reasonable assurance that you will be able to construct a safe, sound structure as outlined on your approved plans.
House Construction
Code Reference: Cowlitz County Code 16.05, International Residential Code, International Mechanical Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, Washington State Indoor Air Quality Code, Washington State Energy Code, International Fire Code.


Submittal Requirements:

* Indicates an item which is always required.

Indicates an item which may be required, depending on the project. A staff person can help you with each item that will be required for your particular application.

I. Document Submittal List

A. Drawings: (3) sets of:

1.* Plot Plan to include:
a. Lot Dimensions, showing whole parcel
b. Building Footprint with all Dimensions to Property Lines
c. North Arrow
d. Locate Existing Fire Hydrants within 500 feet of the Project
e. Easement(s) 2. *Grading Plan to show: a. Existing and Proposed Grading
b. Pad Elevations, Ground Slope, Drainage Scheme and Topographic Plan Drawn to 1'-0" Contours
c. Retaining Walls and Drainage Systems, Existing and Proposed

3. *Architectural Plans to include: *
a. Foundation and Floor Framing Plans
b. Architectural Floor Plan(s)
c. Exterior Elevations
d. Architectural Details (see item II, B)
e. Truss Configurations and Locations
f. Typical Cross Sections in Each Direction (where necessary)
g. Roof Plan

4. *Structural Plans to include:
a. Foundation Plan
b. Floor Framing Plan(s)
c. Roof Framing Plan
d. Truss Information (see item II, C)
e. Cross Sections as necessary
f. Framing Details
g. Structural Material Specifications

5. HVAC/Plumbing *

a. Show HVAC equipment and plumbing fixtures
b. Smoke detector locations

6. Electrical Plan *

a. Outlets, Fixtures, Switches, Smoke Detectors, and Service Panels.
B. Calculations (2) sets of: 1. Structural Calculations

2. Energy Calculations and Forms
C. Other Documents
1. Soils Report or Geologic Study
2. *Proof of potable water availability (approved on-site well, or public system availability letter) 3. *Plan and site review fees are due at time of application submittal.

II. Information to be Included on Documents

A. Information on plans:
1. Name, title, registration (address and phone number) of designer.
2. Address of property.
3. Name, address, phone number of the property owner
4. Cover Sheet Information
a. Applicable codes and editions
b. Description and type of all work
c. Occupancy and type of construction
d. Gross area, by floor(s) and building height
e. Index of drawing information

B. Details included in plans:

1. Windows: head, jamb and sill heights
2. Exterior doors: head, jamb and threshold
3. Flashing: vertical junctures of materials
4. Fireplace - masonry or prefabricated fireplace
5. Footing, piers and grade beams
6. Roof: eaves, overhangs, rakes and gables
7. Floor changes (i.e., wood to concrete)
8. Handrail(s) and guardrail(s) with support
9. Structural wall sections (details at foundation, floor and roof levels).
10. Stairway rise and run, framing, attachment and dimensions.
11. Connections (post & beam, etc.)
12. Any special framing details

C. Prefabricated trusses: provide (Item 1or 2)
1. Submit following:

a. Roof Framing Plan with Truss I.D. No. and Manufacturer's Name
b. Detail of all Truss Splices, Connections and Plate Sizes
c. Show all Trusses including Gable Bracing and Bridge
d. Review by Individual Responsible for Design

2. Provide Single Line Truss Diagram with All Vertical and Lateral Loads including Bearing Points Shown with Reference of Framing Plan

D. Separate Plans &Permits Required for the Following Types of Work **
1. Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
2. Accessory Structures Proposed on the Plot Plan
3. Structure Demolition

(*) Plans can be combined for simple buildings, if clarity is maintained.
(**) This is not a complete list of all required submittals, your project may require additional
 information after plan review.