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Apr 01

From the Planning Commission Chair

Posted on April 1, 2015 at 4:47 pm by Greta Holmstrom

Cowlitz County Planning Commission, March 18, 2015, Executive Summary, 

Submitted by: Mark Smith, Chair

With a five member quorum, the Cowlitz County Planning Commission held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  After approval of the minutes of our last meeting, we proceeded to address the March 18, 2015, Agenda, including two Public Hearings;  

The first agenda item, Airport Overlay District, addressing amendments to the Land Use Ordinance, Cowlitz County Code Chapter 18.10, related to review and proposed development activity within Airport Overlays.  Overlays are associated with the SW Washington Regional Airport (Kelso) and Woodland State Municipal Airport.  

After, staff’s presentation, and recommendation to adopt the amendments, and the commissions discussion the hearing was open for public comment, hearing none, the public comment period was closed.  It was ask if the Cities had been consulted in this matter.  It was asked if there was any memorandums of understanding were in place between the Airports, County and Cities. Staff replied that none existed at this time. 

Hearing no other discussion Chairman Smith moved for a motion, motion was made and seconded, motion carried, 4 – 1. 

The second agenda item, after five years of Steering Committee, Consultant, Building and Planning, and Planning Commission workshops, reviewing the Draft Comprehensive Plan Update, the Cowlitz County Planning Commission held its first Public Hearing, addressing the Comprehensive Plan Update.  

The Staff presented the Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan, with accompanied comp plan map.  Hearing no questions or comments from the Planning Commission, the Chair opened the public comment period, instructing all persons to be sworn in, give their name, address and have three minutes to comment.  After hearing half a dozen comments, with no others present, the meeting was adjourned to continue on April 15, 2015. 

After five years of public workshops by the Steering Committee, Building and Planning Staff and now the Planning Commission, we are entering into the formal, Legislative review processes, with open public comment process at this time.  Any recommendations or changes will be submitted and moved as legislative action.  I look forward to seeing you all at the April 15 the meeting. 

Mark Smith,