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1. What is a Subdivision?
2. What is a Short Subdivision?
3. What design criteria do I need to meet?
4. How do I determine the Zoning of my lot?
5. What does ‘Unzoned’ [UZ] mean?
6. Is Unzoned land compatible with home construction?
7. What is the minimum acreage for subdivision?
8. Can I start the Planning Clearance process prior to purchasing the land?
9. I am trying to determine project feasibility, can I set up a meeting to talk about the process?
10. What is a Staff Consultation?
11. Does Cowlitz County charge Growth Management Act (GMA) impact fees?
12. I want to build a shop. What is my first required permit?
13. I want to build a house. What is my first required permit?
14. My lot needs an address, what are my options?
15. I need guidance on my multi-family project, where do I start?
16. What kind of work requires a building permit?