Bike to Work - Website
A Cowlitz County program, Bike to Work has been expanded to bike, walk or run to work or during lunch. This activity encourages County employees to be more active in their daily lives as well as consider alternative commutes.

Public Service Book Club - Website
Enjoy books related to public service and government along with fellow County staff. Meet every few months for discussion.

Pedometer Challenge - Tracking Sheet
Ready to put on your walking shoes? The Cowlitz County Healthy Workforce Committee is challenging YOU to walk to Seattle! Don't worry about traffic, all you need to do is clip on a pedometer each morning and track your steps each day. The Healthy Workforce Committee will provide the pedometers, tracking sheets and some great incentives!

Chill Out Challenge 
A new, month-long challenge revolving around stress management! Employees track up to 4 healthy behaviors each day - water consumption, physical activity, sleep and relaxation. Participants receive 1 point for every behavior practiced. The goal is to obtain at least 60 points between August 1st and 31st. Participants can enter to win prizes from WCIF! Jingle All the Way - Website

A fun race held in December, Jingle All the Way is available to County employees interested in a holiday 5k. This moonlight race is set to the tune of local bands and hosted by the Longview Chamber of Commerce.

Cowlitz Fresh! - Website
Enjoy locally-grown organic fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs! Cowlitz County Healthy Workforce Committee and Willow Grove Gardens have partnered to bring community supported agriculture (CSA) opportunities to staff. Each Wednesday from June thru October, County departments rotate "shares" of fresh produce from Willow Grove Gardens for staff to sample. Staff can also order their own "shares" through the farm for delivery to their workplace. Share recipes, produce tips, photos and ideas.

Walk Cowlitz County - Website
Walk each of the seventeen trails on the "Trails of Cowlitz County" map. Spend 30 minutes on each trail and record the date using the online form linked above. Submit optional "selfie" photos for a change to win a bonus prize.

Harvest Classic - Website
Cowlitz County sponsors employees and their families in the annual Harvest Run put on by the Rotary Club. Participants can choose to run either a 5k or 10k race through the heart of downtown Longview.

Sandblaster - Website
Cowlitz County will reimburse $30 of the registration cost for the first 33 employees that participate in the Sandblaster event.

Feel Like a Million - Website
A program sponsored by Southwest Washington Wellness Association, the program runs in from January through March and inspires participants to adopt healthy new habits or focus on growth in four core areas: fitness, nutrition, balance and purpose.

AshKicker - Website
For the second year, Cowlitz County sponsored employees in the Ashkicker Adventure Race in Castle Rock. Locally run, the race gathers over 1000 participants in a muddy and challenging obstacle race.

Mix It Up - Website
A program sponsored by Southwest Washington Wellness Association, Mix It Up encourages participants to log colorful produce as teams or individuals. Every participant receives a 'salad shaker' incentive. Teams and individuals compete to win top prizes in produce points.

Office Ergonomics
One of the most popular programs, office ergonomics, also known as stretching, has been offered on four dates in June and July. The course is offered by the County and taught by PT Northwest. The class encourages office staff to stretch regularly to reduce muscle fatigue and strain associated with sedentary office activities.

Parking Lot Exchange
Cowlitz County sponsors this program. Participants part a parking lot 0.5 to 1 mile from their office, trading with another department or agency. The event encourages employees to consider ways to include exercise in their daily routines.

Couch Potato to 5k
Cowlitz County offers the Couch Potato to 5k for employees, family and friends who are interested in moving more and interested in participating in 5k walks or runs. Employees will receive incentive prizes and awards will be made in categories such as most improved, best attitude, fastest time.

Mission SlimPossible
Cowlitz County partners with 1826 Elite Fitnessto offer a program that offers fitness, nutrition and weight loss to all County employees. In 2012, employees lost a combined 804 pounds. Employees may use the 1826 facilities during the program, weigh in once weekly and have access to nutrition and weight loss seminars at 1826. This is one of our most successful and popular programs!

Resource Library
The Healthy Workforce committee decided to encourage healthy eating in part by making resources available at different work sites. Coming soon to a space near you – videos, books and more that will help you meet your nutritional, weight or stress-reduction goals.

Holiday Hold 'Em
Back by popular demand, hold your weight through the holidays! Employees are rewarded for maintaining their weight by having tickets placed for weekly drawings for each week through the holiday season that their weight stays within 2 pounds of their starting weight.

Benefits Fair
The Healthy Workforce Committee is funded by the County to host a booth during the Benefits Fair. The Healthy Workforce Committee emphasizes services available through insurers and County resources to help employees improve their experience and to help reduce insurance rates for the County and our employees.

Activity Raffle
Employees will have the opportunity to log their activity, be it walking, running, biking or just getting

their heart rate up, though this innovative new program. Each time they log, a 'ticket' will be sent to the webmaster. Each month, a new prize winner will be drawn from that month's ticket batch. Stay tuned as this great new program gets started.