Historic Preservation Commission

Laughlin 1
Original Laughlin Round Barn (Barnes Drive, Castle Rock)


Next Meeting:  May 12, 2022


Previous Meetings:

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Previous Agendas and Meeting Summaries available by request.

The Cowlitz County Historic Preservation Commission is an Advisory Body on Historic Preservation decisions appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Commission is made up of six volunteer members - five voting members from the Commissioners districts and one non-voting member that serves as a representative of the Cowlitz County Historical Museum.

Interested to serve as a Historic Preservation Commissioner? Talk with staff about the appointment process.

Historic Preservation Commission meetings are open to the public. Meetings are typically held every first or second Thursday at 10:00am on the third floor of the County Administration Building at 207 Fourth Avenue North, Kelso, WA, unless otherwise indicated. 

Historic Preservation Commission Members

Historic Preservation Commission Members Representing District No. 1

Dr. David Rice
Erin Thoeny

Historic Preservation Commission Members Representing District No. 2

Joel Rupley (Chair)

Historic Preservation Commission Members Representing District No. 3

Harvey Williamson (Deputy Chair)
Butch Ogden

Historic Preservation Commission Member Representing the Cowlitz County Historical Museum

Bill Watson

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Contact the Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Commission
c/o Cowlitz County Building & Planning
207 Fourth Avenue North Rm 119
Kelso, WA 98626

or email George Winn, Senior Planner at:  WinnG@co.cowlitz.wa.us