Fair and Rodeo Board (2 Open Positions on Fair Board; 1 Open Position on Rodeo Board)

Fair and Rodeo Board

Meet: Last Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Event Center.

Terms are 4 Years - Expire in October.

Purpose: Responsible for making recommendations for the general development, production and operation of the fair and rodeo. Contact Expo Center at 360-577-3137 for additional information.

Fair Board Members:
Mary Jo Grochow; term expires 10-31-20121
Carole Searing; term expires 10-31-2020
Susan Webb; term expires 10-31-2023
Donna Longacre; term expires 10-31-2022
VACANT; term expires 10-31-2022
Shannon Scheel; term expires 10-31-2022
Pamela Toney; term expires 10-31-2022
Tammy West; term expires 10-31-2023

Rodeo Board Members:
Gordon Bowcutt, term expire 10-31-2021
VACANT; term expire 10-31-2020
Bill Merz; term expires 10-31-2020
Ron McCoy; term expires 10-31-2020
Brad Yoder; term expires 10-31-2023
Mark Boultinghouse; term expires 10-31-2023
Dale Boultinghouse; term expires 10-31-2022
Mel Boultinghouse; term expires 10-31-2022
Danielle Jenkins; term expires 10-31-2022
Kelly Clary; term expires 10-31-2023
Brad Booth; term expires 20-31-2023