Veterans Advisory Board (2 Vacant Positions)

Veterans Advisory Board

Meet: 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 3:00 p.m. at the Cowlitz County Health & Human Services building.
Terms: 4 Years - Expire in October.

Purpose: Advises the Board of Commissioners on the needs, the resources available, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. Only veterans are eligible to serve as board members and should belong to a nationally recognized veteran service organization. 

For additional information, please contact Health & Human Services at (360) 414-5599 or visit

Peter Slempa; term expires 10-31-2022
Steve West; term expires 10-31-2022
Jim Stonier; term expires 10-31-2022
Dennis Meyers; term expires 10-31-2024
Steve Hogg, term expires 10-31-2023
Darold Stayton, Alternate; term expires 10-31-2022
Gordon Meyers, Alternate; term expires 10-31-2022