2020 Projects

Sauer Road Slide Repair

Project Limits: Milepost 1.07 to 1.10  

Federal Classification: Rural Local Access (09)

Project Description: To repair the roadway embankment, loose material will be removes, a soldier pile wall with tie backs will be constructed and the roadway surface restores. In addition guardrail will be added.

Basis for Project: The existing roadway embankment was damaged in the December 2015 rain event and if not repaired will eventually undermine both travel lanes.

Funding: Project funding includes $510,000 Federal Grants, $85,000 State Grants and $90,000 Local Road Funds for a total of $685,000.

Schedule:  Construction complete.

Contact:  Roger Maurer, Project Engineer / Manager, (360) 577 - 3030

Sauer Road.jpg