Road Maintenance

County roads are maintained through a carefully choreographed system of placing people, machines and materials in the most needed locations. The first responders to road maintenance or road emergencies are our four maintenance shops. Staffed with a foreman and crew, the shops are local road experts.

Winter Driving Tips

County Snow Plow Priority Map by Shop (PDF)

The Road Operations division has four road maintenance facilities throughout the County - Kalama, Kelso, Longview and Castle Rock. The shops are located to provide the most effective service to different areas of the unincorporated areas. Shops are staffed by a foreman and nine operators and crewmen. Activities at each shop vary, but in general the work is defined by season. Click the links below to get a detailed description of the work crews perform quarterly.

Winter: Snow and ice removal, windfall clean up, flood response;
Spring: Road brushing, shoulder rock repair, preparation for summer road operations;
Summer: Chip seal operations, paint striping, asphalt overlay
Fall: Mowing, general shop maintenance, culvert cleaning

Castle Rock Shop:
Foreman Rodney Gardner
111 Gassman Road, Castle Rock
Serves 163 miles of roadway.

Longview Shop:
Foreman Justin Hudek
5715 Ocean Beach Highway, Longview
Serves 131 miles of roadway.

Kelso Shop: 
Foreman Larry Higgins
2215 Talley Way, Kelso
Serves 100 miles of roadway

Kalama Shop: 
Foreman Robert Douglas
1736 S. Cloverdale Road
Serves 137 miles of roadway