Cowlitz County operates one landfill at Tennant Way. The County is investigating purchase of an industrial landfill on Headquarters Road. In order to utilize this facility it will need to be permitted as a municipal waste facility.

The Headquarters Road landfill was developed by Weyerhaeuser for industrial timber wastes in 1993. Cowlitz County updated the Solid Waste Management Plan in 2011 to include the facility and plan to purchase and upgrade it with a plan to open it by summer or fall 2013. A Leachate Transfer Station and Pipeline are proposed to transfer leachate, which is currently transported by train, to Three Rivers Treatment Facility. 

Interested in project details, such as where the leachate line may go and costs? View this presentation (PDF), given at the Toutle Grange on August 27, 2013.

Tenant Way landfill was opened in 1976 and is projected to close in 2013 with 2,054,302 cubic yards of solid waste volume.

Headquarters Landfill Project Plan of Operation and Appendixes. Please note that some of these files are very large and may require additional time to download. Adobe Reader 7 or higher required.

Headquarters Landfill Final Environmental Impact Statement (PDF) - Updated July 2013

Plan of Operation (PDF) - Updated November 2013

Hydrogeologic Report (PDF) - Updated June 2013

Appendixes A and B (PDF) - Updated June 2013

Appendix A (PDF) - Updated November 2013

Appendixes C and D (PDF) - Update June 2013

Appendixes E, F and G (PDF) - Updated June 2013

Appendixes H and I (PDF) - Updated June 2013

Appendix L (PDF) - Updated November 2013